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Welcome to the website that can make your dreams of sandy beaches come true.

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We live in a hectic, stressful environment where we often neglect our personal well-being. For
this very reason, it is important to create quiet, relaxed areas of retreat. Your bathroom could
be the perfect place to feel at ease and be yourself. At the end of an exhausting day, everyone
dreams of just letting go, relaxing and escaping from the daily routine.

Make your dreams come true!

Our products can turn your bathroom into your very own dream bathroom. We produce unique tile
borders for your bathroom based on your individual taste. Our distinctive tiles are handmade from
real shells using a special process, which means that every single tile is one of a kind.

Our Products

Baltic - "Cocles White"

Baltic – “Cocles White”

Hawaii - "Cocles Brown"

Hawaii – “Cocles Brown”

Florida - "Pecten Macarensis" Florida - "Pecten Macarensis"
New Zealand - "Abalone"
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New Zealand – “Abalone”