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About Us

It all started when we were building our own house and had to pick out tiles for our bathroom, as
well as wall colours and floor coverings. The idea of producing something extraordinary came about
while we were searching, in vain, for unusual tiles. We had different ideas compared with what the
market had to offer. The tiles were all too boring, too sophisticated or just too main-stream.
This was simply frustrating!

From this point on, we couldn’t stop thinking about this idea. We thought it really had to be
possible to produce unusual tile borders ourselves. Quite some time passed between coming up with
the initial idea and producing the first actual prototype, which meant that our bathroom had to be
completed without maritime tile borders.

We are convinced that there are many private house-builders in the exact same situation as us.
This is why we decided to develop this idea further by designing and producing tile borders with a
different touch. We put our plan into action and continued to perfect our tiles. We can now offer
you a wide variety of shell borders. Treat yourself to a beach-like bathroom. Just get in touch
with us and let us know what your thoughts, wishes and ideas are. We are open to new suggestions..